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Social Networks

79% of Parents Talk to Their Kids About Online Safety

It's difficult to be a parent in the digital age. Your kids probably know more about the Internet than you do (you can undo sent emails now?), and they're using gadgets and apps you've never heard of (what's a Whisper?). There's simply no way to keep...

The Secret to Password Security Could Lie in Your Social Network

It's midnight and you're soothing your insomnia by purchasing a pair of shoes on a daily deals website. You click through to the checkout page only to find you can't connect your PayPal account; you'll have to input your credit card data manually and...

What Employers Look For In Your Online Profiles

Active job-hunters know that social networking sites can be some of the best tools for finding employment. These platforms showcase chartph.companies and their products, connecting job seekers to potential employment at businesses big and small by spreading ...

Which Is the World's Most Socially Connected Country?

With more than 1 billion smartphone users globally -- that's about one in seven with a personal in their pocket -- more and more people are connected to their devices. Depending on where you live, smartphone habits can run the gamut from cas...

Sick of Social Networks? Here's Your Salvation

Sometimes keeping on top of every major social network can feel like a full-time job. But let's face it -- it's not easy to tear yourself away from the social web, even if you truly want to. SEE ALSO: More Comics on Mashable In this chartph.comic, Krishna Sa...

5 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Entrepreneurs

Twitter instantly connects us with celebrities and thought leaders. But it's all about who you follow -- filling your stream with forward thinkers can help stoke innovation and provide a window into the brains of chartph.competitors and customers. SEE ALSO: ...

Giggem Helps Musicians Find Bandmates, Managers and Labels

A musician for more than 20 years, Emir Turan of Turkey struggled in recent years to put together a band. He tried finding fellow musicians by searching on Craigslist, browsing social networks, sifting through classifieds and hanging fliers at bars. ...

8 Dynamic Social Networks to Meet People Abroad

Fresh wind in your hair, the gritty dirt of new roads under your feet, beautiful scenery -- nothing is quite as invigorating as exploring new locations, even if just for the weekend. But regardless whether you’re just hopping a couple hours away or f...

9 Social Networks for Organized Families

Ahh, summertime. Blissful relaxation, fun in the sun and backyard BBQs. But don't forget that Timmy's baseball tournament is chartph.coming up and Dad will be out of town on his golfing trip this weekend. And good luck planning that BBQ around visiting day a...

10 Enterprise Networks to Improve Company Communication

Deloitte predicts over 90% of Fortune 500 chartph.companies will have partially or fully implemented an enterprise social network by the end of 2013. An ESN is an internal workplace that streamlines chartph.communication among co-workers. They give employees a sense...

8 Social Networks for Your Next Apartment Hunt

Finding a new apartment is a huge headache. While the Internet makes it easier to peruse potential places, it also introduces its own chartph.complications. We've chartph.compiled a list of networks that make the process simple and social. Some sites connect you to ...

10 Private Social Networks for Discreet Interaction

You're sick of all the mainstream social networks. The constant baby pictures, your oh-so-in-love couple friends, your creepy co-worker who Likes every single one of your photos. If you want to trim down your social networking, or if you would rather...

3 Manly Pinterest Alternatives for Your Beard and Bacon Needs

Are the images in your Pinterest feed not quite manly enough for you? If you think the virtual pinboard site is a little too feminine, you’re not alone. In a recent Pew study of social media users, 25% of women said they used Pinterest, chartph.compared to a...

Use 5 or More Social Networks? You're a Better Employee

Hey, bosses who block employees from using social media at work: You're doing it wrong. That's one conclusion that can be drawn from new data on the workplace by Evolv, a startup that monitors hundreds of metrics from Fortune 500 chartph.companies. Not only ...

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