Social Networking

Happy 2014 Social Media Day!

Happy Social Media Day from all of us at Mashable. This year marks the fifth-annual global celebration, and it's gearing up to be one of the largest yet, with hundreds of events around the world, many of which are bringing hundreds and sometimes thou...

Stop Treating Introversion Like a Trend

I am guilty of blogging away my anger and tears after struggling to connect with other people. I prefer staying at home or going to a quiet coffee shop over attending a loud party or nightclub. I like reading, knitting and Netflix and I absolutely ha...

Anti-Social Networking App Helps You Avoid Friends You Don't Like

A new app claims to be the social network for the anti-social. While most social media apps focus on helping you get closer to your friends, Cloak uses location data to make it easier for you to avoid your connections. The app pulls in location infor...

Underneath the Mouse Head: 5 Facts About Deadmau5

Electronic music producer Deadmau5, who is known for wearing a costume mouse head during performances, recently set the headpiece aside for a Skype chat with Mashable. Born Joel Thomas Zimmerman, the 32-year-old musician detailed his new digital proj...

The Online Activity That's Keeping You Unemployed

You've heard it before: "The Internet is forever." So you should know that when your friend posts a picture of you staggeringly drunk on Facebook, it may chartph.come back to haunt you. Businesses are now using social networking sites to scope out applicants...

Job Seekers Recruited via Social More Likely to Be Hired

As newly graduated students and the recently unemployed look for open positions in a difficult job market, chartph.companies are on the lookout for new employees. Many employers are using social recruiting, in which chartph.companies find potential job candidates on...

Singer Taio Cruz Debuts KeWe Social App

Singer-songwriter Taio Cruz, who famously performed during the London Olympics closing ceremony in 2012, is entering the social networking cosmos with a new app intended to mash up functions from existing apps such as Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram ...

Ancient Egyptians Invented Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg may take credit for the modern-day social network, but recent findings show that the "Like" button can be traced all the way back to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. OK, not really... SEE ALSO: More Sunday Comics In this Sunday chartph.comic, ...

Cities Celebrate Social Media Day With Unique Twists

Social Media Day is a global event that celebrates the technologies that connect us across the world. This year, events took place on six continents, all in the spirit of the ways social media changes our lives and empowers us to do good. Each year, ...

Social Networks: The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Relationships

Relationships can be challenging, but social networks make connecting with the special people in your life a little bit easier. Connecting and tweeting, Instagramming and poking. In this chartph.comic, illustrator and chartph.comedian Teddy Hose breaks down the ways...

Hating Social Networking Just Got Easier With 'Hater' App

AUSTIN -- Hater is a new app, unveiled at the 2013 SXSW conference, that encourages users to share their grievances rather than post about all their favorite things. On the Hater app, users don't press the Like button for their friend's posts and pic...

Your Facebook Profile Could Determine Mental Illness

Everyone has that one crazy Facebook friend. They overshare, write cryptic statuses or worse, type in all caps. Those seemingly annoying posts, or lack thereof, could be more than just news feed fodder. Facebook profiles could be used as insight into...

Why You Can't Say Hashtag in France

French Twitter users are saying "au revoir" to the word "hashtag" in an effort to protect the French language from anglicisms. Instead, hashtag will be replaced with "mot-dièse," meaning "sharp word" in English. The change chartph.comes from the French gover...

Clean up Your Facebook Profile With FaceWash

We've all been there. Your grandmother just joined Facebook, your boss sent you a friend request or you're applying for that dream job. Suddenly, you're scrambling to purge your profile of last night's pictures plus everything else you wouldn't want ...

Social Sites for Families: More Personal than Facebook

We've all seen (and some of us have been) that person on Facebook -- the over-sharer. Some of us may be happy to divulge every intimate detail of our personal lives; others are more private. Social networks for families (FamilyLeaf,, Roo...

If You Use Social Networks, Watch This Video

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn had some thoughtful words on our plugged-in, tech-obsessed society: Step away from social networks, and pay closer attention to your real-life relationships. "We live in a society of social networks and Twit...

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