Mashable gives marketers a first-mover advantage by putting your brand?message in front of the right stories and the right consumers.

Our audience is curious, dives deeper and want to share what they’ve?learned. When you put your brand in front of our audience, it’s well received.?You get them in a proactive mindset, making them likely to take action?because that’s exactly why they’ve chartph.come to Mashable.

We embrace distributed platforms to reach a large global audience and we take pride in creating a brand safe environment. Our team of writers uses patented technology to create entertaining & engaging content. For editorial and Branded, we marry the art of creation with the science of data.?

From viral editorial articles to branded content, Mashable uses our?proprietary Velocity technology to create the best content for our?audience.

We then use our Kilogram technology and data to target a valuable audience of New Influencers and The Influenceable with branded content across social.

When you partner with us, we use data and technology end-to-end,?creating an impactful experience, alignment, and distribution and?ensuring you reach and engage the target audience.


Using data, our creative team draws insights about your target audience to spark creativity and ideate branded concepts.


Mashable publishes content using our proprietary CMS that optimizes headlines in real-time to generate the most meaningful shares.


We’ll amplify your social influence on Branded Content through KG Branded, and reach these audiences with media through KG Ads.


With the launch of Mashable Reels, we’ve created an innovative way for our audience to engage with content and your brand through a visual and immersive vertical video storytelling format.?Reels surface content from our wealth of Snapchat Discover editions – content that previously disappeared after 24 hours – as well as new editorial created specifically for this format, bringing readers content in a mobile-first format.


Standard Reel: Align your brand messaging with editorial content through Vertical Video Ads.

Branded Reel: ?A fully-custom branded edition containing your Branded Content and Vertical Video Ads.

Mashable studios

Mashable Studios is a team of in-house creative professionals whose mission is to help brands tell their stories in new ways and create the very best content. This team is on the forefront of the native content and video landscape, creating original and globally recognized content.

We work with brands to closely align messaging with paid content that inspires, informs, and entertains – whether it be long-form articles or powerful video.

Editorial Sponsorship
Editorial sponsorship is content that is funded by an advertiser, but the advertiser has no influence on the content itself. The content is produced, written and edited by Mashable journalists to the same standards as all editorial content.
Branded Content
Branded Content is content that is funded by and created in collaboration with an advertiser. We work closely with our advertisers to help tell their brand story through our Mashable voice and in a way that will be chartph.compelling to our audience. This content is produced by Mashable’s branded content department and does not involve Mashable’s newsroom.

Netflix's "Black Mirror"

To create a large buzz around Netflix's premiere of Black Mirror, Mashable created a 1-day site redesign roadblock and branded content series mirroring the dark tones of the show.

Hilton DoubleTree

Together, Mashable and DoubleTree created a heartwarming, immersive video series surrounding pay-it-forward travel.

Capital One's "Spark"

Housed in a custom video hub, Capital One reached an engaged audience through content surrounding small business owners.

American Family Insurance

The campaign aimed to motivate our audience with stories that harness the energy of their potential and help them “Dream Fearlessly” through inspirational Velocity-driven content.


Left to Right: Social Good Summit in NYC, MashableHouse at SXSW, Custom MashMeet

Mashable Experiential closes the online-offline gap by creating unique and custom experiences that engage, inform and celebrate the Digital Generation. The Experiential Team hosts recurring events each year for the Mashable brand, in addition to creating custom experiences for our partners.?

We travel to Austin each year to celebrate the powerful blend of tech, digital, social media culture, business, marketing and startups at SXSW.
Social Good Summit
We explore the intersection of tech and social good each year with the Social Good Summit.
MashMeet or Custom
Mashable will help your brand connect with your audience in person through facilitated MashMeets or Custom activations.

snapchat discover


Pre-roll across all platforms, including social.?

Mashable debuts the MashPlay Video Network to unlock the most shareable video content for our brand partners. The goal of MashPlay is to share your creative content in the right place, at the right time, and with an engaged audience, driving even more value to your brand.

Custom Units

Lift + Social

your social assets embedded in unit

Lift + Offsite

drives offsite to your content

Lift + Content

drives to Mashable created article

Velocity Feed Unit

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Avalanche Unit

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Cineloop Unit

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Paper Doll Unit

Video Pushdown Unit

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