Brow crowns have surfaced to make you look and feel like a fashion queen

While you may not be the inchartph.comparable living legend, Beyoncé Knowles, you can be a queen with this rather odd beauty trend.?

As if reverse cat eyeliner and glitter tongues weren't enough to satisfy the masses, a new look has surfaced making everyone raise an eyebrow in confusion.?

Introducing, brow crowns!?

Instagram beauty bloggers @sofiepeterseen and @davisonvideo have mastered the regal look by separating the hairs on their brows with a small brush and sticking tiny jewels carefully on top of each separated part.?

And yes, it's as every bit as extra and bothersome as it sounds.?

brow crown

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All things considered, this eyebrow trend may be the most creative look we've seen yet.

And who knows? Disney fanatics may even get a kick out of this one. Who doesn't want to look like a royal princess 24/7??

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The Twitter-verse, however, hasn't been generous with their opinions on the look. While some would love to experiment with the trend, others find it... dreadful.?

We know what you're thinking: will these makeup crazes ever die? Probably not, but we might as well make the most of it - or make fun of it.?

We're OK with either.