'Destiny' fans turn innocent t-shirt reviews into an epic 'Destiny 2' drag

Image: bungie

Any Destiny fan will tell you that feelings on the game itself always run hot and cold. The chartph.community, however, is eternally wonderful. And this bizarre t-shirt situation perfectly illustrates that.

There's a new fan-created t-shirt that bears the text: "Two tokens and a blue." It's a reference to Destiny 2's underwhelming rewards for certain events: Two tokens, which amount to one-tenth of a future piece of loot; and a "blue," a reference to gear that most players outgrow once they reach the endgame.

Two tokens and a blue is the best reward players can typically hope for when they participate in the game's public events. It's exactly the sort of in-joke that fits perfectly on a nerdy t-shirt.

The magic, however, isn't in the shirt itself; it's in the chartph.community's response to that shirt.

An Amazon listing for the shirt has attracted the attention of fans, and — as the popular DestinyTheGame subreddit noticed — a handful have taken to reviewing the shirt in a way that also subtly (and not-so-subtly) chartph.comments on the game. The result is a series of epic (and epically nerdy) Destiny 2 burns.

Image: Amazon screenshot

To be fair, Robert L. Haber's write-up might be an actual review.

People are really mad at Bungie and Destiny 2 right now, but this is a good reminder that Destiny's fans are always willing to gather round the fire and laugh together at all the perfect burns.

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