New Motorola Smartphone to Be Revealed in May

Despite recent major changes at Motorola, it seems the still has a few surprises in store -- namely a new class of smartphone. Following in the smartphone footsteps of the Moto X and Moto G, the new, as yet unnamed smartphone is set to make i...

The Top 10 U.S. Summer Travel Destinations for 2014

It was a long winter, but warm weather is finally in sight. About 89% of people in the United States are planning a summer trip this year, according to a new survey from TripAdvisor (that's a 6% increase chartph.compared to survey results from last year). Tr...

Improv Everywhere Participants Handcuffed After Prank Goes Awry

An Improv Everywhere prank at a Manhattan Gap store earlier this month featured some unexpected players after a manager called police to report a flash mob. Participants entered the store's Fifth Avenue location wearing white Morphsuits underneath Ga...

Facebook's 'Anonymous Login' is Evil Genius

Earlier this year we started to see the privacy dinosaur, a cheery blue Barney-like fellow who pops up on Facebook to remind us that we have the option of setting our posts to "public" or just letting our friends see them. On Wednesday at f8, the went beyond dinosaurs in the evolution of its approach to privacy by introducing "anonymous login."

Snapchat Adds Video Chat, Instant Messaging

Snapchat has announced two hugely important features, transforming the photo sharing app into a far more versatile affair: Video chat and instant messaging.

Malaysia Airlines Tells Grieving Families to Go Home and Wait

Malaysia Airlines told families of the missing passengers on Flight 370 to return to their homes and wait for updates from there, according to a statement the airline released on Thursday. While Malaysia Airlines is chartph.committed to continuing its suppor...

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