Facebook: We're Like a Swimming Pool

Remember when Facebook was like chairs? Well, no more. Today, Facebook is like a swimming pool. That's according to the social network itself, which just posted the above (rather unseasonal) picture in its Timeline. "Swimming pools are filled with pe...

Sad French Kitty Says Boo to Halloween [VIDEO]

The star of the best cat video on the Internet is back for a dose of ghoulish wisdom. Henri's take on Halloween is pretty standard for his take on life -- altogether, not impressed. "How do frightening ghouls have anything to do with a squash?," he a...

Hurricane Sandy is 2012's No. 2 Topic on Facebook

Hurricane Sandy has been dominating Facebook chatter over the past week, making it the second most talked about event on the social network in 2012. Facebook's "Talk Meter" rated Sandy an 8.34, CNN reports. Data also showed that men and women are equ...

Robot Makes Your Salad and Cleans the Table

Why go out to a restaurant and order a $15 salad when this robot can make one right in your own kitchen? The CIROS robot has free movement of both arms and hands, allowing it to chop vegetables and add dressing to your salad. But the home-service bot...

You Should Fear a Zombie Apocalypse -- It's Science

Should you be stocking up on brains to feed the undead that will rise on Halloween night? Well, not quite. But according to this highly scientific whiteboard drawing, a zombie apocalypse is technically possible. No, you won't see rotten corpse hands ...

10 Clever Cats That Learned to Open Doors [VIDEOS]

Cats are cunning. We assume our human inventions -- such as doors -- can foil them, but this is not always the case. We have found YouTube video evidence of at least 10 kitties clever enough to open doors. SEE ALSO: Forbidden Love: 10 YouTube Clips o...

Shoppers to Retailers: Focus on Cyber Monday [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fancy parties, presents, home cooked meals -- there's a lot to look forward to as the holiday season approaches. But the American public has a message for retailers: not so fast with the Christmas decor; focus on preparing for Cyber Monday instead. A...

Pipsqueek: The First Bluetooth Smartphone for Kids [VIDEO]

Do your little ones constantly ask to play with your cellphone? Maybe it's time for them to have their own -- one made especially for kids. A called Yip Yap developed a cellphone called Pipsqueek for children, ages three and older. The cellph...

Police Chief Could Lose Job After Spam Filter Fail

Oakland's police chief could lose his job after he missed a slew of important emails after setting his spam filter to reject messages with terms including "Occupy Oakland" and "police brutality." Police Chief Howard Jordan had city staff put the emai...

iPhone App Teaches Exotic Dancers Their Rights [VIDEO]

Exotic dancers are some of the most exploited professionals by their managers -- and they're not equipped to advocate for their own rights. Researchers from the Sociology Department at the University of Leeds found that dancers at UK clubs don't know...

Waze Now Lets You Know When Your Friends Will Arrive

Now when you head out to meet friends, you can see real-time ETAs for everyone you’re meeting as well as see who has already arrived and parked at your destination using Waze. The social GPS and live traffic app released a new version for iOS and And...

Google Launches Voter Information Tool

The Presidential Election is less than a week away and voters are searching for last-minute information. Google and its Politics & Elections team have launched a tool to help voters get the important information they need ahead of November 6. The too...

iTunes Accepts Red Cross Donations for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Apple on Wednesday made it a bit easier for concerned citizens to help victims of Hurricane Sandy by providing a link for donations on iTunes via the American Red Cross. The option, on iTunes' homepage, lets users donate in increments ranging from $5...

LinkedIn Adds Discovery Tools for Influencers Network

LinkedIn is rolling out a couple new tools to make it easier for users to find celebrities, business leaders and personalities to follow from the social network's roster of about 150 "thought leaders." Last month, LinkedIn announced a new follow feat...

NBC to Air and Live Stream Sandy Relief Telethon

Hurricane Sandy blew a wave of devastation across the East Coast, with millions affected, and huge portions of New York and New Jersey facing months of cleanup and rebuilding. Now NBCUniversal is taking an active role in the relief effort with a spec...

How to Use Your Tablet as a Second Monitor

Dual monitors are increasingly bechartph.coming the norm for today's hyper-connected workstations. Whether you're trying to keep track of different browser tabs at work or you need more on-the-go workspace for your business trip, a tablet can act as a handy ...

Ghostbuster Backflips Over Cop, Gets Arrested [VIDEO]

NOTE: The language in this video is NSFW. The day after Halloween: When all the tricks gone wrong get uploaded to YouTube. A daredevil, disguised as a member of Ghostbusters, decided to backflip off the top of a police car. The cops immediately take ...

New Tool Visualizes Facebook Analytics in Real Time

PageLever, which provides analytics tools for brands with Facebook Pages, has introduced a new tool that lets you visualize user engagement on those Pages in real time. Such data is updated by Facebook every 15 minutes or so, but only as raw data. Pa...

Apple Added 12,400 Full-Time Employees in the Past Year

Apple filed its annual 10-K report with the SEC for the 2012 fiscal year on Wednesday, which shows just how much the has grown in the 12 months ending Sept. 29. For starters, Apple now has 72,800 full-time employees, up from 60,400 the year b...

This Handset Turns Your iPhone Into a CB Radio — Over and Out!

Honk honk! Better flick on your turn signal and pull over for this sweet gadget. The CB Radio iPhone Handset from ThinkGeek is a great gift idea for the fun-loving prankster on your list. The handset plugs in to any smartphone with a 3.5 mm headphone...

Google+ Hangouts Rolls Out New Features

Google announced on Thursday it is rolling out new features and updates to its video chat platform Google+ Hangouts, such as colorful notifications and a sidebar which consolidates key function tools. Google developer Amit Fulay posted a note to his ...

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