Chad Ochocinco Is Pleased With His New Motorola Xoom

The wait for Motorola's iPad killer, the Xoom, is almost over, as Motorola has started handing the device to celebrities to try (and hopefully spread the word about it). NFL's loudest Twitter fan Chad Ochocinco did exactly that, posting an image of t...

LG Optimus 3D To Have a Dual-Lens 3D Camera

LG has announced it will unveil its glasses-free 3D smartphone, the LG Optimus 3D, at the Mobile World Congress held February 14-17 in Barcelona. We've seen a lot of rumors and even an image of the device (see below), but now LG has gone on the recor...

Fliers Get Free Access to Facebook in February

Can't wait to update your Facebook status even when you're 30,000 feet in the air? You're in luck; several airlines have teamed up with Gogo Inflight Internet and Ford to offer free in-flight Facebook access throughout the month of February. Gogo's p...

The 6 Biggest Stories in Social Media & Tech This Morning

Welchartph.come to this morning’s edition of “First To Know,” a series in which we keep you in the know on what’s happening in the digital world. We’re keeping our eyes on six particular stories of interest today. Digg Gets an Overhaul to Draw Users Back Dig...

Google Launches Street View for Museums

Not every art lover has the capital to travel around the globe and take in the top museums. Luckily, Google has used its "Big Brother" powers for good with the Google Art Project, which is like Google Street View for museums. Today, on Google's blog,...

What We Need to Win the Entrepreneurial Race [OP-ED]

This post reflects the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of Mashable as a publication. Stephen Martin is an entrepreneur and author. His forthchartph.coming book, Enterprise of One, is due out later this year. You can read his blog about entre...

Emotional Spell Check Coming Soon to Lotus Notes

Lymbix, makers of the ToneCheck Outlook plugin that checks the emotional tone of content in e-mail, entered an agreement Tuesday with software-maker Sherpa Software to bring ToneCheck's sentiment analysis technology to IBM's suite of Lotus products. ...

Google Latitude Adds Checkins

Google's location-sharing app, Latitude, has just added the ability to check in at a specific business or other location. In the past, users simply pinpointed their location on a map. The difference seems minute, but letting users check in at a "real...

Win a $2,000+ Digital Home Entertainment Package [CONTEST]

As we bechartph.come more and more connected in the digital space, we're consuming different types of media across various devices. But with new, often pricey gadgets chartph.coming out every day, it's tough to keep up with the latest technology for watching movies,...

"CSI" Facebook Game Offers Bonuses for Watching the Show

Thursday night's episode of CSI will have something extra for fans of the show's Facebook game: clues to unlock in-game bonuses. Prior to the show's episode #1113, "The Two Mrs. Grissoms," the Facebook Page housing CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Cri... Offers Groupon-Like Daily Deals for Gay Men

In a move that shows group-buying is maturing into lifestyle niches, today launched its "Big Gay Deal of the Day," daily deals targeted to gay men. The site, which bills itself as the "definitive resource for gay men," launched its first deal...

Facebook Launches Deals Page on Site

Want to access nearby Facebook Deals using your web browser? Now you can, thanks to Facebook's new "Find Deals on Facebook" page. The page, which was launched last week, enables users to find local deals on a map, just as they would using Facebook's ...

26% of Mobile Apps Are Opened Only Once

With 300,000 iPhone apps and 200,000 Android apps available for download, consumers aren't willing to tolerate apps that at first sight don't meet their standards. Twenty-six percent of apps are only opened once after download, according to a study b...

Thumbplay Music To Add "Radio" Feature

Joining the likes of MOG, Slacker Radio and Pandora, music subscription service Thumbplay will soon be adding a "radio" functionality to its new web and smartphone apps. Later this month, new versions of Thumbplay's apps will hit the market -- this t...

Student Suspended for Calling Teacher Fat on Facebook

A California high school student has been suspended for making rude remarks about a teacher on Facebook. For the more old-fashioned disciplinarians among us, this might seem like chartph.common sense; however, the ACLU is claiming the student's free speech r...

AT&T's First 4G Phone Gets a Launch Date

Is there any non-Apple handset that can tempt masses of AT&T customers away from the iPhone? We may find out shortly after February 12, when the carrier debuts the HTC Inspire -- its very first 4G phone. 4G technology is a confusing collection of cel...

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