Apple or Adobe: Who's Right in the Flash Debate? [POLL]

By now, you've probably heard about the fight between Apple and Adobe. To sum up the story, Apple banned Flash from the iPad, people began predicting the death of Flash, and Adobe has been on the defensive ever since. The Apple-Adobe war has only esc...

26 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

The week gone by was loaded with essential reading, especially in the tech department. We know you're busy, and digging through that RSS reader for all the good stuff you missed is a chore. That's why we've once again gathered the Crème de la Crème i...

Top 10 iPhone Apps for TV Fanatics

Sarah Collins is freelance journalist and student at Northwestern University. She also writes for Texas Monthly, A.V. Club Chicago, Chicago Parent, Venus Zine, and Punknews. It only takes knowing one Lost fan to understand the addictive power of tele...

Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week [CHART]

Justin Bieber, supreme overlord of Twitter, retains his iron grip on a fairly stable list of popular topics. With a few caveats, not much has changed since last week's list of trends. NBA playoffs and NFL draft picks set the sports world abuzz, while...

8 Best Android Apps for Health and Fitness

Spring has sprung, summer's around the corner -- it's time to get outside and get in shape. We know your iPhone-owning counterparts have plenty of apps for tracking their calories and kilometers to stay in shape, but there are plenty of health-relate...

5 Simple Tools for a Paperless Office

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. Despite living in the age of e-mail, wireless networks, smartphones, and t...

Times Square Bomb Scare: NYC Webcam Captures Evacuation [PICS]

New York's Times Square was evacuated tonight after a suspicious device was found in an SUV. Police confirmed that the device was a bomb, but there was no explosion and Times Square was safely evacuated. The story is still developing. Live webcams ar...

7 Ways to Customize Your Real Life Online

Most people have mastered the art of customizing their online profiles by now — whether its their Twitter background, the parts of Facebook you can make your own, or the host of other social accounts added to the average web addict's list every month...

Google Acquires BumpTop and its 3D Desktop Technology

Google's acquisition spree shows no sign of stopping. The search giant has acquired BumpTop, an application for transforming your desktop into a slick 3D interface. The acquisition, reported by Wellington Financial, brings some really innovative tech...

WordPress Founder Talks About the Platform's Future [VIDEO]

At WordCamp SF yesterday, we got to talk to WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. He's the man behind the Automattic empire, a collection of blogging software and chartph.complementary services, such as PollDaddy and the spam filtration system Akisment. Mullenwe...

Hack: iPad 3G Runs on T-Mobile, Sends Texts [VIDEO]

The 3G version of Apple's iPad hit store shelves on Friday, and it's already been hacked to run on a U.S. carrier that's not AT&T: T-Mobile. Better still, it's possible to send SMS text messages from the iPad on T-Mobile's network. A few iPad 3G owne...

Facebook Chat for Groups: Clobby

If you've ever wanted to have more real-time interaction for your Facebook Page or Group, or even just for you and your friends, give Clobby a try. This newly launched application will let you conduct massively multiplayer chats right from your Faceb...

iPad 3G: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly [REVIEW]

The iPad 3G hit stores and customer mailboxes on Friday afternoon, but how does this slightly modified model against the original? Is the ability to use 3G worth the extra $130 per model? After spending the weekend using the iPad 3G and chartph.compa...

Conan O'Brien on "60 Minutes": The Full Interview [VIDEO]

Former The Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien sat down with CBS's 60 Minutes for his first on the record interview since he left The Tonight Show and NBC in January. Topics covered included Jay Leno, NBC executives, Conan's new cable TV show and his bea...

Apple Has Sold 1 Million iPads

Update: Apple has officially confirmed it has sold 1 million iPads. The sold its one millionth iPad on Friday, April 30, just 28 days after the device's release. More than 12 million apps from the App Store and 1.5 million e-books have been d...

"World of Warcraft" on the iPad with the Help of Gaikai

Have you ever heard of Gaikai? It's a service (currently in beta) that lets you play games in your browser, directly from the cloud. Gaikai runs and hosts the games, which are then streamed to the end-user with the help of Java, Flash or Silverlight....

Marvel Brings "Iron Man" to the iPhone

Marvel Entertainment and Zumobi have teamed up to bring a new Iron Man application to the iPhone and iPod touch. The free application is more than just a tie-in for the upchartph.coming Iron Man 2 movie, it's an app designed to keep fans connected to the ent...

Apple Could Face Antitrust Inquiry Over Flash Ban [REPORT]

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been very clear on the matter of Flash, and why Apple won't let developers use a third-party layer of software to create apps for its mobile devices, the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The question is: Is it fair to developers ... Launches New App for Android

Today released a free app for Android. Users can now manage and keep up with their finances with many of the same features available on the app's iPhone counterpart . This means that you can view real-time account balances, check recent tran...

YouTube to Let Partners Charge Rental Fees for Videos

Update: To clarify, this service is not available to all users, but only to the users who are members of the partnership program. YouTube's movie rental service is still in its infancy, and it still only offers a small selection of films, but that co...

Facebook Users Like Sex [STATS]

Self-proclaimed social media scientist Dan Zarrella has already applied linguistic methodologies to psychologically profile Twitter users. Now he's using the same technology and approach to break down Facebook sharing behaviors. Zarrella uses the Reg...

Sports Illustrated Brings Fantasy Football to Facebook

Sports Illustrated announced this morning that it's creating an SI-branded Facebook game for fantasy football. The app will launch in time for the season, and game play will extend to the Sports Illustrated website and existing mobile application so ...

Tennessee Flooding Inspires Stunning YouTube Video

We posted several Nashville flooding pictures and videos yesterday, but this gorgeous, artfully made montage is so moving that it deserves your attention — and it's making the rounds on the web, teetering on the edge of viral. You don't see YouTube v...

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