Marissa Mayer: Twitter is Complementary to Google [Video]

Marissa Mayer, Google's VP Search Products & User Experience, took fairly direct questions in the most recent edition of Digg Dialogg, the interviews series from social news site Digg. Topics include the upchartph.coming launch of Google Wave, how Google fee...

AT&T and Apple Ban Google Voice App: Is It Illegal?

Apple's rejection of applications from the iPhone App Store is at times baffling, and at others, potentially anti-chartph.competitive. Dow Jones reports tonight that the FCC is looking into one such ban - the recent rejection of the Google Voice app from the...

"Twitter Rape Case": MC Hammer's Cousin Arrested

Marvin Turrell Grant, the cousin of MC Hammer who makes frequent appearances on A&E's "Hammertime" TV show, was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of raping a woman he met through Twitter. A 40-year old woman claims that the star, known on the show as...

YouTube Redesign: Bechartph.coming the Google of Video?

YouTube may be testing changes to its navigation design, according to reader Eric Calouro. While visiting the site's homepage today, he grabbed a screenshot of a previously unseen design that puts a large search box at the top of the page, removes th...

When Do You Use Twitter Versus Facebook?

Soren Gordhamer is the author of Wisdom 2.0: Ancient Secrets for the Creative and Constantly Connected (HarperOne, 2009). His homepage is: You can follow him on Twitter. There is growing body of people who actively use more th...

AT&T: App Store Rejections Are All Apple's Fault

Well, that clears up some of the confusion: AT&T sent us an extremely brief statement today in response to yesterday's reports that the FCC is investigating Apple's app store rejections policy. The short of it: AT&T is claiming no direct involvement ...

Maybe The RIAA Should Just Charge $22,500 Per Song

The RIAA has been awarded $675,000 in the case of Joel Tenenbaum, a student who illegally downloaded 30 songs. If the award stands, Tenenbaum will be filing for bankruptcy. Since Tenenbaum had already admitted to infringement, the jury's instructions...

Sarah Palin Divorce Rumor Debunked on Facebook

Sarah Palin is divorcing husband Todd, according to a single source: the Alaska Report blog. The somewhat sketchy story spread quickly on Twitter, but other news sites did not pick it up. Now the Palin camp has moved to debunk the rumor, choosing an ...

Forget the Apple Tablet, Try the MacBook Cake [Pics]

Can't wait another month for the rumored Apple tablet? Perhaps we can interest you in the MacBook cake, an intricate, 100% edible rendering of a MacBook Pro created by New York's BCakeNY. The astoundingly detailed cake includes a wireless mouse, suga...

MySpace Launches MySpace Graveyard [Parody Video]

It's no secret that MySpace, once the undisputed leader in the social networking realm, has been losing users at an alarming rate. Hitwise recently reported that the site is sliding in the music and entertainment category, while one proposed chartph.comeback...

Twitter Bloodbath: World of Blood Games Move to Twitter

At their peak, the World of Blood series had a dominant presence on Facebook. The series consisted of four primary time-consuming online RPGs: Blood Lust, Skies of Blood, City of Blood, and Elven Blood. Combined, they have hundreds of thousands of ac...

HOW TO: Customize Your YouTube Channel

YouTube recently redesigned channel pages to make them more dynamic and easier to customize. The beta channels are now a hodgepodge of your uploads, favorites, playlists, and numerous in-channel editing options. Should you upgrade to the new design, ...

Going Google: The Apple Switch Ads for the Web App Era

More than 7 years after the launch of the Apple Switch ads, Microsoft once again finds itself the target of an ad campaign that attempts to chip away at its dominant market share. This week Google is launching the "Going Google" campaign, reports CNe...

GEEKS UNITE: Global Geek Week Launches Today #geeks4good

The Society for Geek Advancement and the Summer of Social Good charity fund are proud to announce Global Geek Week, including a week-long YouTube video chartph.competition. Submit your geek inspired video to the Global Geek Week YouTube Group for the chance ...

Lost, Grey’s, and Other ABC Shows Coming to Netflix

Last month, ABC shows like Lost and Grey’s Anatomy started appearing on Hulu, thanks to Disney’s deal earlier this year to take a stake in the online video site. Now, ABC shows are heading to Netflix, where they’ll be available to subscribers via liv...

The Journalist's Guide to Facebook

Leah Betancourt is the digital manager at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, Minn. She is @l3ahb3tan on Twitter. Celebrities like Martha Stewart and Bill Gates might find Facebook high maintenance, but the world's largest social networking si...

Facebook on Nintendo DSi: A Small Glimpse of the Future

At E3, both Microsoft and Nintendo announced plans to utilize Facebook Connect on their console gaming platforms. Starting later today, the first such integration goes live, as Nintendo DSi owners will get the ability to upload photos from their devi...

Social Cord: Charge for Content Via Twitter

New service Social Cord has devised a way to charge your Twitter followers to access premium content: just sign up on the site, authenticate your Twitter account and promote your subscription service to your followers. Whenever you want to send out s...

Are You Happy? Your iPhone Wants to Know

How happy are you right now? A new iPhone-based research project aims to find out...and in doing so, help find out what makes you and others happy. Track Your Happiness, a program started by Harvard University doctoral candidate Matt Killingsworth, i...

Bing Still Growing, Steals Market Share from Google

We already knew that Microsoft's Bing got off to a good start by gaining about 3% market share in June, according to chartph.comScore. Now, analytics and research firm StatCounter has released their July numbers for search, and they're telling the same story...

Associated Press: We Are Not Targeting Bloggers

Yesterday, we brought to light that the Associated Press had begun charging for the republishing of its articles, starting at $2.50 per word. The news was heavily shared and came to as a shock to many, if the 80+ chartph.comments in our last article is any i...

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