Michael Jackson Sells 2.6 Million Downloads This Week

It's easy to forget how good something is until it's gone. I guess this is also the case with the king of pop, whose musical career wasn't exactly soaring in the past decade, but now that Jackson has passed away, everyone remembers him for the good, ...

The Joost Story: Sometimes, Good Projects Also Fail

I remember being excited about Joost. I had access to an early beta version, and the service did what it promised to do: it brought high quality premium video content to my It also had a good interface with plenty of features, and - conside...

Facebook to Twannounce "Twivacy Changes" Twomorrow?

Facebook is hosting a webcast for press tomorrow about "upchartph.coming privacy changes" to the site: the announcement will likely outline Facebook's transition toward bechartph.coming more public - some might say more Twitter-like. We already know change is on the...

China Gives Up on Green Dam, People Celebrate

In a very unexpected move, the Chinese authorities have indefinitely postponed their order that all PCs sold in the country must chartph.come with software, called Green Dam Youth Escort, that blocks certain websites. According to Reuters, Chinese artist and...

HOW TO: Use Wikis for Business Projects

Jeff Hobbs is Director of Engineering at ActiveState and works on Workspace and dynamic languages. He blogs occasionally at One of the best web tools available to businesses for enabling teamwork and collaboration is the wiki. ...

Facebook’s Complete Privacy Presentation

As we reported earlier today, Facebook has announced some sweeping changes to user privacy settings in an effort to both make it easier for users to understand them, and also beef up the amount of public content sharing that takes place on the site. ...

Twitter Promotion Done Right: #moonfruit

A few weeks ago, we wrote about a promotion from website builder Squarespace, where the offered up 30 iPhones in 30 days to be randomly awarded to users who included #squarespace with their tweets. The campaign worked in getting exposure - #s...

Your Facebook Photos = Bing's New Homepage

One of the unique aspects of Bing is the background images it uses on its homepage, that include information about the picture when you roll over various parts of it. The feature actually originated on the previous incarnation of Microsoft’s search e...

Forget Love: Paypal Wants You to Do Stuff For Money

Ever have one of those conversations that culminates in someone saying “I’d give you $20 to _____”? That’s the premise of a new site PayPal has launched: Do Stuff For Money. The site is rather straightforward: input your name, who you’re offering mon...

LIVE NOW: Obama Takes Your Questions on Healthcare

As promised, President Obama is set to start his live stream in a few minutes (starting 1.15pm ET), answering the public's questions on healthcare reform with live discussion on social media channels. The video will be streamed live at

Gmail Kills Right Side Labels, Adds Drag and Drop

There's good news and bad news for Gmail users today. The good: Gmail is releasing "drag and drop" for labels. This means that if you want to label a mail, you can simply drag and drop it over the label in your left sidebar and you're done. Gmail is ...

YouTwitFace: No Longer Just a Conan Joke

"YouTube, Twitter and Facebook will merge to form one super time-wasting website called YouTwitFace", Conan O'Brien predicted in his hilarious Year 3000 sketch (below). He may not be far wrong: the sites are bechartph.coming increasingly intertwined, with Yo...

Spam In Twitter Trends, Again (Update: Not Really Spam)

Twitter's trending topics are a great way to find out what's hot in the Twitterverse, but they're also a haven for malicious hackers and spammers who are constantly finding new ways on how to abuse them. This time, an odd, vulgar hashtag has appeared...

Staggering #IranElection Stats: 2 Million+ Total Tweets

In mid-May we published stats that measured the scale of the #iranelection coverage on Twitter, as tracked by social media tracking service Trendrr. Mashable's Ben Parr remarked that we were "approaching one million tweets on the situation", although...

RunPee: iPhone App Tells Moviegoers When it's Safe to Pee

It's a rare find: an iPhone app that's both useful and hilarious. RunPee, an existing website that launched its iPhone app today, checks both those boxes. Here's the idea: you're watching a movie in the theater and need to take a restroom break, but ...

Official Claims: Green Dam Was Not Dropped, Only Postponed

I guess the celebrations were premature. According to a China government official, Chinese authorities haven't given up on web filtering program Green Dam; they've just postponed it. The controversial program was supposed to be installed on all new P...

Twitter Increases API Limit

Tweetdeck users have noticed tonight that their hourly API call limit has been increased from 100 to 150 per hour, essentially meaning you can get more frequent Twitter updates if you require them. Twitter, however, has made no announcement, and the ...

New Guidelines for Web Tracking Ensure More Privacy

Surf the web for a couple of minutes, and - usually without anyone asking you - you're giving away a lot of personal data to the various chartph.companies that are tracking your browsing habits. Yes, you can set your browser security to high and turn off coo...

Can The New Pirate Bay Succeed?

Hans Pandeya, the CEO of Global Gaming Factory (the Swedish that had recently acquired The Pirate Bay for $7.8 million) has an ambitious plan for the new Pirate Bay. It seems bold, perhaps even too bold at first, but Hans thinks he has a plan...

Understanding Luxury Brands and Social Media

Samir Balwani is an emerging technology strategist at Morpheus Media, a firm specializing in Social Marketing, SEM, and SEO. You can follow him on Twitter @samirbalwani and get his newsletter. One of the biggest misconceptions by brand managers is th...

Jammie Thomas To Appeal Her $1.92 Million RIAA Verdict

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the woman who was charged with copyright infringement through online file sharing, tried to fight, and subsequently lost, will appeal the verdict in her case, which ordered her to pay $1.92 million in damages to the recording in...

iPhone 3GS Used to Film Music Video: Technologic Overkill

Not to be confused with the first music video about the iPhone 3GS ("Got My Mac on With iPhone 3GS"), the first video purportedly shot using the camera on the new device is making its way around the web. The video - “Technologic Overkill” – is direct...

GoDaddy Wants You to Go Twitter

Ideally, your brand has the same name across all of the social sites you use, and, it matches your domain name (for example, we’re,, and Realizing this fact, popular domain registrar GoDaddy h...

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