coComment Tracks Your Reputation Across the Commentsphere

coComment is launching a number of new features this morning to attempt to further establish itself amidst a growing number of chartph.competitors that want to track your online conversations and reputation. The service, which both powers chartph.commenting features...

Remember All Those SEO Tips You Read? They Are Wrong

Well, not all of them. But the one you'll very frequently encounter went something along these lines: a search engine likes text. Therefore, if you're building a Flash website, its position on search engines will, by definition, suck. Not any longer....

SummerMash Miami Heats Up

The temperature is rising as Mashable's Pete Cashmore and Karen Hartline represent for the first time in Miami with the fifth stop on the U.S. Summer Tour. The event is one you won't want to miss as we're kicking things up a notch for the DailyMe lau...

fring Enriches Mobile IM Client with fringAdd-ons

First of all, if you think the name fringAdd-ons is a bit clumsy, you're right. We didn't make it up: that's the official name for add-on applications that can be integrated with the already quite powerful mobile IM/VoIP client fring. If you aren't f...

Save $600 on DEMOfall08 Tickets

DEMO is the launchpad for emerging technology. During two exciting days of rapid-fire, six-minute presentations, you will be the first to see the most innovative, market-defining products unveiled for the very first time. With more than 20,000 techno...

Web 2.0 Marketplace Listings for July 1st, 2008

The Web 2.0 Marketplace is a place to list Web 2.0 and “New Media” websites for sale, job offers, consulting services, Facebook development services and more. New Listings 2k/Month in Revenue Premium Theme!Brief introduction to the Market ThemennThe ...

Web 2.0 Invites for July 1st, 2008

New Web 2.0 services await; all you need to do is grab your free invites over at Mashable Invites! SearchMonkey InvitesSearchMonkey allows developers and site owners to use structured data to make Yahoo! Search results ... SoundCloud InvitesSoundClou...

VOIS: Virtual Outsourcing is Simple. And Now Social.

Vois, the social network that started out as an online forum for the mature crowd, has been expanding and tweaking its approach to attract a wider range of users and provide more useful applications within its network, such as media reviews, greeting...

SummerMash New York City Gets Ready for its Close-Up

The big finale on the U.S. Summer Tour is the one and only, New York City! We're going out with a bang and have some big surprises in store that you won't want to miss. Trust me! The guest list continues to grow, but that means nothing until you've a...

Create and Compare Amazon Lists on Facebook with UnSpun

Amazon, following the launch of its Amazon Giver and Amazon Grapevine apps in March, is introducing another option to install within your Facebook account, this one centered on rankings. What does this mean? Lists, lists, and more lists. Li...

Mashable On Mixx: 30+ of Our Most Popular Stories

Continuing our Mashable social voting and bookmarking journey, we've put together a list of our 30+ most popular posts on Mixx. Below is an eclectic assortment of Mashable posts from helpful toolboxes to startup news and reviews and more: Digg Pics G...

MySpace Rocks the Vote with a Battle of the Bands

Pay no mind to the not-so-catchy nomenclature chosen by Rock the Vote and MySpace for their new voter registration drive, dubbed “DemROCKracy,” a chartph.competition that enables any and all musical groups with pages on the network to encourage fans and foll...

Adobe Gets the Press But Does Search No Favors

It is easy to see by all the headlines today that Adobe, Google, and to a lesser degree Yahoo, are getting all the love. As Stan Schroeder posted earlier this morning, Adobe is getting together with Google and Yahoo to put some new technology in plac...

Tay Zonday Does It Live

Clearly, the temptation for profits, grabbing a slice of ten million viewers, and trying out the bright and shiny re-designed UStream.TV site was too much to resist for a certain viral video star. Tay Zonday, best known for his viral video hit song "...

FriendFeed to Bechartph.come Your Podcast Player?

Audio podcasts still continue to be a prevalent form of information delivery, despite the rise of online video, and just about every major category of online content has well produced content (much like our own Web 2.0-centric Mashable Conversations ...

Offload Your Info Over-Load [podcast]

With the proliferation of information sources and ways to read them, it seems counter-intuitive that one of the hotter topics in the blogosphere is still aggregation, discovery and syndication. Yet here we are, yet another day, yet another Twitter st...

First Look: Digg's Rechartph.commendation Engine

Digg's long awaited rechartph.commendation engine is now live for some users, which luckily includes me. It's time to take a look at what this new feature brings to the individual user as well as Digg as a whole. The reason I'm dividing these two c...

How Do You Like the New

This is not new for folks who've been invited into beta, but the bulk of users haven't seen the new look, which is likely to bechartph.come the default look soon. I like it; for some reason, it reminds me of Digg; everything got flattened, the design...

FriendFeed Spy Gives You a Quick Fix of...Everything

Sometimes, those side projects usually tucked under the label of "labs" - as in Digg Labs - turn out to be real winners. One such project is Digg Spy, which shows you the newly submitted Digg stories in real-time. The concept has now been copied on a...

crackspace Loses the "Bad" Name, Bechartph.comes ihiphop

When established record label executive Charles "Chuck" Wilson Jr. decided to launch a hip-hop social network nearly two years ago, Pete liked the site's execution but wondered about its ability to differentiate itself from MySpace, Bebo and hi5. Tod...

20+ Tools for the Best Fourth of July Ever

Get out your sparklers and bottle rockets, it's time to celebrate the Fourth of July, and we've put together a list to make this the best Fourth of July yet! You can find the best fireworks displays in your area, recipes for your Fourth of July party...

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